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About Refex

The Refex group is involved in multiple projects spanning across Refrigerants, Solar EPC, Venture capital, Rural energy solutions, Real estate, and entertainment businesses. As a company we believe in bringing tangible value to the different industries we operate in while maintaining a high record of ethics and innovation. Our goal is to be a diverse, vibrant, environmentally-conscious business house that provides top-of the line solutions in our current verticals of solar energy, refrigerant gases, and venture capital. Anil’s outstanding business mentoring has resulted in astonishing growth of many start-ups over the years.

We’re also on the active lookout for exciting business opportunities where we can apply ourselves and share expertise.

From the year 2002, we’ve been in business after founder Anil Jain identified a market in importing refrigerant gases which were scarce up till then. He took it upon himself to acquire all the necessary licenses, statutory regulations, clearances which paved way for Refex Industries. With the subsequent and revolutionary launch of ‘Refex Cans’ (pre packaged small quantities of refrigerant gas) Refex Industries established itself as a game changer in the industry. Now, several years later we have expanded our presence to different verticals, and we’re excited to explore new ones.

Today the Refex group stands for sustainability, reliability, and innovation. We aim to create positive impact in the ecosystem while maintaining exponential growth.

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