Refex Industries is committed to creating a progressive impact on the community by ensuring that our business is socially and environmentally beneficial. We actively campaign and volunteer for community welfare and focus on environmental sustainability, health, education and disaster management. Philanthropy is in our blood and we present here some of our efforts towards CSR affairs.


The recent barbarous Pulwama Attack on our brave martyrs has perpetrated extreme anguish in the entire nation. In this hour of grief, Refex has contributed Rs.5,00,000 towards ABC Trust for the welfare of the victimized soldiers and their families… A small effort to support the bereaved families.

Kashmiri Pandit

National brotherhood is our supreme responsibility and it’s now time to show our love for the brave sons of Mother India. In lieu of the losses suffered by the Kashmiri Pandit migrants who are deprived to live a life of freedom in their own country, Refex has donated an amount of 50K to support the uplift of poor and needy patients.

Brahma Science Festival

“Young minds are the futures of Tomorrow” With an emphasis on nurturing young talented children, Refex sponsors Rs.3 Lakhs for “Brahma - Science Festival” conducted in Chennai every year. This attempt has fostered great scope for children to expand their creativity and imagination in the field of Science and Technology.

Mehak Jain

Refex has always encouraged girl empowerment in all fields including sports. We will always support such talents and help them shine in their endeavors. In this direction, We are the official sponsors of our budding Tennis player Mehak Jain,

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