Refex Energy

In the Solar Energy spectrum Refex does it all – from Design & Development, Solar EPC, O&M.

Refex Energy was amongst the earliest EPC companies to start operations in the country, in early 2007, at the point when others were only beginning to understand the benefits of harnessing Solar Power. Refex, today, has been in the business for over a decade and has some of the longest surviving solar plants in the country

Innovation at a Glance

The Refex Group has a number of “firsts” to its credit. Over the years, we have consistently evolved with dynamic consumer and market needs. This spirit of thinking beyond the box has fuelled us towards creating a number of innovative business successes.

Right from introducing the easy to handle Refex Cans to exploring new frontiers in Solar EPC – we have always dares to challenge convention.

Exploring the unchartered geographies

Exploring new frontiers through innovation has pushed us to set up solar plants in terrains that are considered unfriendly for establishing solar plants.

We were the first to set up a solar plant in absolute desert soil braving the odd weather conditions that existed. We are also the first to set up solar plants on the country in rough, rocky terrains.

Start-Ups Incubation

We believe that nurturing talent at the nascent stages is the best way to ensure its fruition. While some startups just funding, others require hand-holding in multiple vistaas. Yet there are ventures in the Ideastage which require to be nurtured and guided thru the MVP / POC stages to emerge a vistorius growth hacking startups. We have a 7500 sq ft State-of-the-art Incubation centre in the heart of Chennai’s CBD. We are going to be shortly announcing the next cohort of startups to be mentored

Our Network

Pan India Presence

Several offices in cities across the Nation