Breaking New Grounds in Sustainability

Refex promotes sustainability through innovative solutions, products, and services that create environmental, social, and financial value in a world where sustainability is the need of the hour for businesses

Forging a Path Towards a Brighter Tomorrow

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Forging a Path Towards a
Brighter Tomorrow

Reliable and Sustainable Refrigerant solutions.


A market leader in refrigerant gas manufacturing, we are also conscious innovators. Discover our eco-friendly alternatives to make the step towards a greener tomorrow.

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Powering the Future
with Green Energy

REFEX Renewables

Building a safe and healthy future with limitless clean and green energy by inculcating innovative methods to have a sustainable future.

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Reliable and responsible
coal handling solutions.

REFEX Ash & Coal handling

Experience unprecedented efficiency and reliability in ash and coal handling by elevating it with Refex.

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One of India’s top
power trading companies

REFEX Power Trading

Discover the comprehensive power trading services from the emerging leader in power trading business, delivering the best-in-class energy solutions for all your needs.

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Engineering Innovation
for Good Health


Creating extraordinary diagnostic tools and providing expert technical guidance to make healthcare affordable and accessible to all.

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Fuelling great ideas into
new possibilities

REFEX Capital

We focus on investing in disruptive start-ups with the aim of advancing technology and defining the future.

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20 years of Excellence

Refex’s journey of excellence began two decades ago with a focus on learning, resilience, and agility. From Refrigerant gas to Ash, Coal handling, Renewables, MedTech, Capital and Power trading, we’ve expanded our horizons.

Our Businesses

Refex Refrigerants

Over 20 years, Refex has been a renowned brand in refrigerant gas, expanding to offer eco-friendly products that reduce risks from sourcing and environmental policy changes.

Refex Renewables

Refex excels in providing top-notch design, installation, and maintenance services for efficient solar power systems. With 10+ years of experience, Refex is your trusted partner in renewable energy.

Refex Ash & Coal Handling

Refex trades coal and provides ash disposal to ensure a steady supply to power plants. Offers efficient solutions for sustainable operations in the energy sector.

Refex Power Trading

Refex offers a range of energy solutions, including buying and selling of energy to consumers, producers, and the utilities among other such entities across India.

Refex MedTech

Refurbishing equipment and utilizing a cutting-edge digital imaging factory, Refex is transforming the medical imaging industry in India with innovative and advanced solutions.

Refex Capital

A SEBI-approved Category I AIF, Refex Capital invests in startups, managing a portfolio of 26 firms. It also offers incubation services to budding entrepreneurs in Chennai.


Choosing green, 
Chasing growth

Refex’s journey over the past two decades has been marked by diversification, as the company expanded into Ash and Coal handling, power trading, and refrigerant gas. Refex’s values, including integrity, diversity, dedication, commitment, and competitiveness, have been central to its success, allowing the company to respond to shifting market trends with a “growth mindset.” Refex is dedicated to improving the customer experience, constantly innovating, and upholding transparency and honesty. These values have positioned Refex as a key industry player, setting the standard for others to follow.

Awards & Accolades

Our excellence is celebrated with diverse awards and accolades recognizing our achievements in quality and innovation.


Conglomerates Category (Medium Size)


Conglomerates Category (Medium Size)



To Anil Jain

To Anil Jain

To Anil Jain

To Anil Jain

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Resilient by Nature.
Robust by People.

Refex prioritizes inclusivity, encouraging employee growth and learning opportunities in a diverse and welcoming work environment.


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