Refex Refrigerants

Pioneers and Conscious Innovators in the Refrigerant gas Industry.

Since the inception in 2002, Refex has established itself as a formidable leader and competitor in the refrigerant gas industry. In the last twenty years of our quest towards climate-friendly alternatives, we have successfully developed and expanded our product lines to include innovative and environmental-friendly options. We are also proactively addressing and tackling sourcing and environmental policy changes. Our focus is on sustainability and we are dedicated to creating a better future!

Why Choose Us

State of the Art Automated Filling Equipment

Experience unparalleled convenience and precision at our refilling factory, featuring automated and dedicated filling lines suitable for all products and sizes of cylinders, tonners, and cans.

Well Networked Logistics

Our expert logistics network guarantees prompt and reliable shipping, backed by our extensive experience in streamlining orders and ensuring timely supply.

Highest Quality Standards

Our comprehensive product testing capabilities uphold the highest quality standards in each and every process to ensure maximum efficiency, precision and quality control..

Reliable Shipping

Exclusive partnerships with trusted forwarders to guarantee secure and expedited shipping.

Skilled Employees

Dedicated employees with excellent engineering expertise providing exceptional service and high-quality products to our valued business partners and consumers.

Breaking new grounds with innovative and sustainable solutions in Refrigerant gas refilling.

Our Products

Discover our innovative and eco-friendly products that are produced to meet your needs while making a positive impact on the environment.










Quality Assurance & Safety

Our commitment to excellence and attention to detail has established our products as a benchmark in the industry. You can trust Refex to provide you with the highest quality and safest products for all your refrigerant gas needs.

Refex Industries Limited

A market leader in the refrigerant gas industry. Discover our eco-friendly alternatives and pave your way towards a greener tomorrow.