Refex Power Trading

One of the leading power trading companies in the country

Having operations in NCR, Tamilnadu, Karnataka & Gujarat.

We are an electricity trading service provider holding a CERC approved Category I License for inter-state trading of electricity. Our offerings include trading services through power exchanges and the other such modes of power trading as mandated by Hon’ble CERC.

Inter-state power trading company holding CERC Approved Category I License

Refex is a prominent power trading company that provides an extensive range of services. We specialize in power exchange, bilateral agreements, power banking/swapping, and group captive models. We also deal in purchasing and selling all types of electrical power/energy, including conventional and non-conventional sources. Our services cater to power users, producers, state electricity boards, generating companies, traders, importers, exporters, and all States and Union Territories in India. Refex empowers businesses to meet their energy needs efficiently, leading to their success.

CERC mandated services

Refex offers CERC-approved power exchange services with registered membership in Power Exchange India Limited (PXIL).

Leaders in Power Trading

Our services are accessible to and spread across multiple entities in India which generate and consume electricity.

Business Function Highlights

  • Facilitate power sales and purchases across India, with high volumes in TN, UP, among other states.
  • Transact with state DISCOMs to supply power as per their requirements.
  • Our team is spread across the country to serve clients’ needs.
  • We supply significant MW to Commercial & Industrial consumers, including Steel and allied industries’ plants.

What We do

Refex Empowers Businesses to Meet Energy Needs with Extensive Power Trading Services.

Refex provides comprehensive power trading solutions, including power exchange, bilateral agreements, power banking/swapping, and group captive models. We deal in conventional and non-conventional sources and serve various entities across India.

Power Exchange

We offer CERC-approved power exchange services, dealing in all products and holding registered membership in Power Exchange India Limited (PXIL).

Bilateral Contracts

We provide power sale and purchase solutions to CPPs, IPPs, and State Utilities/Discoms in India. Our services cater to various entities all around the country.

Banking of power

We proffer power banking solutions, managing the surplus and deficit of power availability between two parties through our services. Refex ensures efficient power trading.

It’s important to have access to the required applications and license documents, so please download them for your reference.

CERC Power Trading Category | Application

Order for Grant of Power Trading License

Refex Industries Limited

An emerging leader in the Power Trading market with strong and focused energy solutions.